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The clients of Investohills invest in trading infrastructure

The Investohills Capital acted as an advisor and mediating consultant for a Western European investment fund to purchase the retail debt portfolio from Delta Bank’s clients from an auction organized by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine. In five-month time of 2018, Investohills subscribers gave the company a mandate to purchase retail and corporate loan portfolios to the amount of more than 20 million USD worth by the end of 2018. As the managing partner of the company Andriy Volkov stated: “Today, the management of problem debts is one of the most dynamic segments of the financial market, capable of attracting investment resources from abroad.” He continued that: “Managing Distress Assets is highly competitive environment where to be first means not only to have an effective monetization strategy but, also the key to solve business case successfully. In 2012, Investohills implemented the first major deal concerning retail distress portfolios in Ukraine for more than 600 million dollars. Since then, our company is one of the market leaders in this segment, which is why we are trusted by the investors who are interested in distress assets and this is quite understandable because the business is estimate highly the results rather than the intentions.”