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Investohills changes the structure of the partnership

Back to 2009 Andriy Volkov and Andrei Bobyshev as well as a few other partners, all former top managers of large Ukrainain and international banks, have set-up and then managed Investohills Capital.

Investohills is well-know as an investment boutique focusing on distressed assets operations and special situations.

“When we were starting company in 2009, the only solid competitive advantage we had was the professional team. Starting from 2010 we had executed a number of high-profile projects mainly in debts restructuring and NPLs collection spheres as well as a couple of M&A transactions in normal and distressed situations” – commented on the past Managing Partner of Investohills Capital Andriy Volkov.

“All our projects became a success due to the strong team, which included experienced managing partners. One of such partners was Andrei Bobyshev”.

“At the same time, current markets open a lot of new exciting opportunities, including those, which are outside of the financial sector” – continue Andrei Bobyshev, the founder and current CEO of the Ukrainian Commodities Clearing.

– “that is why, I have decided to concentrate on a few projects in commodities trade systems dealing with energy and agro-markets, all these outside of Investohills.

Starting from august 2018, Andrei Bobyshev is putting all his efforts on development of the UCC electronic platform as well as some other trade systems related projects.

Investohills’ team is fairly sure that Ukrainian commodities markets are unfairly overlooked by international players and work, knowledge and professional contacts of Andrei Bobyshev would drive not just his projects, but Ukrainian commodities market as a whole.
Investohills Capital is an investment boutique operation in Eastern Europe from 2009 and specializing on distressed assets and special situations. It represented in Kyiv, London and Nicosia.