A Year of Resilience – Investohills Have Not Stopped Charity Volunteering Since the War Started

By today, Ukraine has been fighting the cruel war waged by russians against our country for one year. It was a year of fear, pain, and loss. But it was also a year when we realized that we would not give up and would prevail and do everything for our country.

During this year, Investohills Group has transformed so much as it has never had to do since its inception. From the first days of the war, we started helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense Force, and ordinary people who had had to leave their homes due to hostilities and look for Shelter in other regions of Ukraine.

Andriy Volkov, founder of Investohills Group, all partners and employees of the company, without exception, contributed to searching for and purchasing military equipment, cars, gear, medicines, and other goods needed on the home front.

Key contributions the Group has made since the beginning of the war include:

– UAH 10 million to the NBU special fundraising account for the Army;

– UAH 10 million to fund the relocation of a body armor manufacturer to Ukraine’s west;

– over UAH 600,000 to accounts of For Children of Ukraine and Future.UA charities;

– UAH 70,000 as assistance to Pavlo Narozhnyi, a volunteer who helps units of Ukraine’s Armed Forces;

– about UAH 200,000 to buy a car and other equipment for the artillery brigade headquarters in Sumy. Also, Investohills provided two company cars to the police to help evacuate IDPs and affected civilians, and to the Territorial Defense Force in Kyiv;

– UAH 775,000 to buy medicines for Ukraine’s Armed Forces;

– about UAH 2,000,000 to buy UAV drones for the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, and Ukraine’s Armed Forces;

– UAH 300,000 to buy armor vests;

– UAH 214,000 for catering for Ukraine’s Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Force;

– about UAH 300,000 to fund evacuation and humanitarian aid for the people fleeing from Mariupol;

– UAH 300,000 to purchase and deliver equipment for Ukraine’s Armed Forces from the Netherlands;

– UAH 700,000 to buy thermal imagers for the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and a unit of the Air Mobile Brigade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces;

– UAH 200,000 as monetary aid to the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;

– purchasing and delivering cars for artillery and reconnaissance troops on the front line;

– Andrii Volkov’s regular personal financial support to Pavlo Narozhnyi, a volunteer who helps units of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

Furthermore, the Group implemented several large-scale charity projects. It organized the relocation of the body armor manufacturer TEMP 3000 to Ukraine’s west. The company managed to launch the new mass production facility thanks to the concerted effort of our lawyers and the financial support provided by the Group. According to TEMP-3000, the company makes over 20,000 armor vests per month now.

Investohills also made its hotel in Kyiv available for accommodating military personnel of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. In spring 2022, Investohills Group opened a temporary accommodation center for internally displaced persons in Zaporizhia. Over 10 months, the center sheltered 650 IDPs, including 140 children. Media reported about the Investohills Center; local authorities know it, and IDPs recommend it. Volunteers, charity foundations, and even neighbors help the Shelter.

Overall, the Group spent UAH 2 million to open its Shelter in Zaporizhia and keeps funding it regularly.

Investohills also contributed to addressing the energy crisis in Ukraine. In early winter, Investohills Group, together with partners, handed over a very powerful generator for illuminating the Ivan Piddubnyi Specialist Olympic College (OFKIP) that trains and teaches 550 students from all oblasts of Ukraine and Kyiv.

We found out in February that this generator also supplies electric power to Kyiv’s largest Resilience Center, with an area of more than 3,000 square meters, set up on the campus of the Olympic College.

Thus, Investohills keeps fighting together with the entire country. We shall overcome all challenges together because we know what we are fighting for. As all Ukrainians, we realize the price of the Victory, and we will prevail.

The light will prevail over the darkness!

Glory to Ukraine!