A. Volkov Submits a Complaint to the Appellate Court for Repealing Its Judgment to Garnish Assets of Investohills Group’s Companies

Lawyers of Andrii Volkov, the founder and managing partner of Investohills Group, submitted a complaint to the Lviv Court of Appeal requesting that the Ruling of Halytsky Raion Court of Lviv City dated August 18, 2022, be repealed; the Ruling in question garnished the assets owned by companies of the Group under case No. 461/3310/22.

According to earlier reports, documents were seized, properties and cars were garnished, and bank accounts of companies of Investohills Group in July and August 2022 based on reports by officers of the Security Service of Ukraine and cooked-up accusations of being connected to sanctioned oligarchs.

The group of companies operates under unwarranted pressure by law enforcement agencies and is unable to make payments and pursue its regular business, incurring image and pecuniary losses as a result.

The garnishment of accounts also hampers the support for operations of the Investohills IDP Assistance Center in Zaporizhia, offering shelter to over 100 people at a time who flee the areas of active fighting or territories occupied by russians. In addition, military units to which the Group has handed over its property for use face the risk of being disconnected from communications.

Investohills Helianthus International Investment Fund, whose assets are managed by the Group, operating in the interests of its American and European investors, sent an open letter with a complaint about the overreach of the Security Service of Ukraine to the Office of the President of Ukraine, the National Security and Defense Council, embassies of the USA and Italy, the Business Ombudsman of Ukraine and the European Business Association.