FC “Investohills Vesta” in the Supreme Court won the process of recognizing invalid the transaction for the sale of shares by the debtor JSC “Kyivmedpreparat” and JSC “Galychpharm”

The lawyers of the Financial Company “Investohills Vesta” succeeded in declaring invalid the transaction of purchase/sale of shares of joint stock companies “Kyivmedpreparat” and “Galychpharm” by the debtor of LLC “Neftekhimimpeks”.

Recall that “Investohills Vesta” at the end of 2019 acquired a pool of assets, which included the rights of claim under a number of loan agreements concluded by the Bank “Finance and Credit”.

The debtor of “Neftekhimimpeks” LLC was a financial guarantor for the loan of “Atol” Research and Production Enterprise LLC, which is under the control of the former chairman and owner of the Bank Konstantin Zhevago and specializes in natural gas production.

The asset in the form of shares was sold by the debtor solely for the purpose of evading the performance of monetary obligations, was not secured and was burdened with the rights of third parties. In fact, the loan was not initially secured by highly liquid property and outwardly looked like a hopeless case. The debt amounted to more than 200 million UAH.

As a result of the competent development of the strategy, analysis, evaluation and provision of a legal position in litigation, “Investohills Vesta” FC achieved the legal recognition of the purchase and sale of shares as invalid, thus ensuring the possibility of returning assets to the debtor’s ownership and repayment of debt at the expense of liquid assets.