IDP Shelter Residents in Zaporizhia Informed the President about Actions of the Security Service of Ukraine That Endanger the Shelter’s Existence

Residents of the Investohills Shelter in Zaporizhia who lost their homes and had to evacuate from active combat areas sent a letter to President Zelenskyy to inform him about actions taken by the Security Service of Ukraine that endanger the very existence of the Shelter.

The residents found out from the media that the Security Service of Ukraine had groundlessly garnished accounts of Investohills Vesta Financial Company used to pay for the Shelter maintenance; the garnishment prevented the company from maintaining the Shelter further on because any payments from the accounts were prohibited.

The letter highlights that Investohills Vesta, as the owner of the Shelter’s premises, refurbished it for its account to accommodate IDPs and did not charge any fees or other payments from Shelter residents during the entire period of its operation. Overall, the company provided temporary accommodation to 580 IDPs from April to October 12.

However, as winter is getting closer, the center is now faced with the challenge of heating the premises, as the building is not currently connected to the district heating system, and the company is taking all measures to reconnect. The issue of utility bill payment, including electrical energy, water, and waste disposal, has also been raised acutely.

In the meantime, Investohills Vesta’s accounts remain garnished, and the Shelter’s operations are effectively paralyzed.

“…Without any grounds, officers of the Security Service of Ukraine blocked activities of the company, endangering not only the company’s existence as an employer, together with a foundation that keeps trying to help people affected by the war, but also our existence because no one is prepared to grant us another shelter, and we with our children have nowhere else to go,” the residents write in their letter.

According to them, if the utility bills cannot be paid and the Shelter is closed, 130 people, including 35 children and 25 elderly, will have to look for new accommodation.

On this basis, the IDPs ask the President to initiate the reversal of the garnishment of the company’s accounts to enable it to keep the Shelter operating first of all.