In March, Investohills Provided Assistance to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense Force, and Civilians in Active Combat Areas to the Tune of UAH 15,000,000

For more than a month, Ukraine has been fighting the war waged against our country by the russians. Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense Force, and the Self-Defense Forces have been defending our country against the enemy for more than a month. On the home front, citizens and businesses are doing all they can to help our soldiers to endure and win.

Investohills Group supported the Army, the Territorial Defense Force, and civilians living, or evacuating from, active combat areas from the first hours of the four.

Andrii Volkov and Mykhailo Bakunenko, shareholders of the Group’s financial companies, and company employees contributed to funding the purchase of military machinery, equipment, accessories, medicines, and other goods needed on the home front.

By now, Investohills Group funded and handed over the following to Ukraine’s Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Force:

– UAH 10 million from investors of Investohills Group and Helios company to Ukraine’s Armed Forces fundraising account;
– about UAH 200,000 from investors to buy a Niva car and other equipment for the artillery brigade headquarters in Sumy. Also, Investohills provided the company’s minivan to the police to help evacuate IDPs and affected civilians and the GAZelle van to the Territorial Defense Force in Kyiv.
– UAH 775,000 from Mykhailo Bakunenko, a shareholder of Investohills Group, and employees to purchase medicines for Ukraine’s Armed Forces and deliver them from Moldova.

Andrii Volkov, founder and managing partner of Investohills Group, keeps contributing personally to help Ukraine win the war.

By now, he has contributed:

– UAH 500,000 for the purchase of two UAV drones for Kyiv’s Territorial Defense Force;

– UAH 305,000 for the purchase of 58 armor vests;

– UAH 200,000 for catering for the Presidential Office guards and the Territorial Defense Force;

– UAH 100,000 for the humanitarian aid for IDPs, UAH 150,000 to fund the evacuation of several families, including those of the Group’s employees, from Mariupol, a city besieged by russian troops, and UAH 60,000 to buy food for residents of Mariupol;

– UAH 300,000 to purchase and deliver equipment for Ukraine’s Armed Forces from the Netherlands. Ukrainian soldiers received boots, hats, electric torches, and other goods.

– over UAH 1,000,000 to buy four UAV drones for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;

– UAH 682,000 to buy seven thermal imagers for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and a unit of the Air Mobile Brigade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

In addition, the company’s employees purchased and delivered materiel for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to the tune of UAH 200,000 and collected UAH 20,000 to buy medicines for the Military Hospital in Kyiv.