Investohills Group Presents an Online Course at a School of Arts to a Young Artist from the IDP Shelter in Zaporizhia

Investohills Group made a gift of an online clay modeling class to Sabina Kolinko, a young artist living now with her family in Investohills Internally Displaced Persons Shelter in Zaporizhia.


The girl will take the online course comprising 24 one-on-one lessons at the Montessori Center School of Arts.

Andriy Volkov, Investohills founder and managing partner, gave Sabina a laptop PC from the company to create comfortable learning conditions.


“I found out about Sabina when she presented the Shelter founders with a mascot in the form of a Ukrainian hut as an epitome of all things that matter to any Ukrainian: the home, the native land, and the dearest motherland. The level of detail is striking. To thank Sabina and support her creative development, the company decided to pay for her studies at the school of arts. Unfortunately, it is merely an online course because the war has affected everyone’s lives,” Volkov explained.


14-year-old Sabina is very talented. According to her relatives, she inherited her abilities from her artist grandmother. She paints and models. Her works are often awarded prizes at art competitions

The young artist’s family plans to return to Enerhodar after the war, and the artist wants to keep studying art.


“I am very grateful for taking care and for the warm emotions given to my daughter. It is of great help to people who are facing complicated conditions in their life and an important testimony to the involvement, kindness, and hope for better times,” the young artist’s mom thanked the management of the Group.


“I am most grateful to Andriy Volkov for this unbelievable and yet so desired gift – the laptop PC and the modeling class. It is so precious and means a lot to me. I also would like to thank Mykola Horodenskyi, the manager of the Investohills Shelter, for his emotional warmth that lights the faces of the kids living in the Shelter with smiles,” Sabina said passionately.