Investohills has Opened a Shelter Center for Internally Displaced People in Zaporizhzhya

Investohills Vesta FC has opened a center for temporary free shelter and housing for internally displaced people in Zaporizhzhia.

The Investohills Assistance Center is located in an office building with an area of more than 2,000 square meters owned by the company.

Now the center is equipped to accommodate one hundred people. But in case of emergency, it will be able to accommodate up to three hundred citizens.

In order to make the center livable, the office building had to be reequipped.

First, thanks to Zaporizhyeoblenergo, it became possible to quickly restore power supply to the administration building. Secondly, the employees of the company arranged the rooms with maximum consideration for the needs of citizens in need of temporary shelter.

To make the Center fully functional and complete, the shareholders of the Investohills Group Andriy Volkov and Mykhailo Bakunenko allocated an additional two million hryvnias. The company’s employees and volunteers have also actively joined in equipping the premises.

“We tried to take into account all the current circumstances and needs of people who are in a hurry to leave the war zones and seek temporary shelter in other regions of Ukraine. Therefore, our Center is equipped with kitchens, showers, laundries, a bomb shelter, a playroom for children and a warehouse for humanitarian aid,” said Andriy Volkov.

According to him, the IDP center was a logical continuation of the humanitarian direction of Investohills’ volunteer work. Since the early days of the war, the group of companies had to occasionally help people forced to flee from the fighting: organize evacuation from places of active hostilities, relocation to safe places, if necessary – abroad, etc.

“At a certain point we realized that we could do much more for such people if we organize a temporary shelter for them, because many Ukrainians staying in the war zones are stopped by only one question: “Where to go and where to live?” So, we have organized a place where citizens can rest, breathe out and decide what to do next,” the founder of Investohills explained.

Information about our center can be found in the statewide database