Investohills Is Under Information and Coercive Attack on Behalf of Fugitive Oligarchs

Investohills Group (“Group”) and Investohills Helianthus International Investment Fund (“Fund”) are under information and coercive pressure attacks because they are trying to recover stolen assets from owners of failed banks.

After the Fund (Investohills Group manages its assets) made a statement against overrich by officers of the Security Service of Ukraine, many sponsored articles biased against the Fund and the Group appeared in the media.

Please find the link to the press release here:

It has already been reported that the Security Service managed to search offices of the Fund and the Group, accusing them of the failure by AvtoKRAZ, a strategic vehicle manufacturer, to perform state defense contracts. Investohills Group does and did not have anything to do with buying out AvtoKRAZ’s assets or managing the company. The company was owned by Kostiantyn Zhevago, who is still wanted by uniformed agencies for his shady deals with assets of the Finance and Credit Banking Corporation. The truck manufacturer’s bankruptcy procedure started in 2018. In 2021, the company’s debt under bank loans was bought by TOV FC Fintakt, a company alleged to have links to Zhevago, according to media reports.

Thus, the Security Service’s attempts to accuse the Fund and the Group of being implicated in AvtoKRAZ’s failure to carry out its contracts are insane from the points of view of both law and common sense.

As regards the debt of one of UZ’s subsidiaries bought in accordance with laws of Ukraine from Forum Bank, Investohills Helianthus emphasizes that it is in possession of all the necessary legal documents, including two rulings by the Supreme Court in its favor, and could have initiated enforcement proceedings immediately to recover almost USD 15 million from UZ. However, because of the war, the international investors suspended all potential actions to support Ukraine in fighting the aggressor and help it withstand the aggression. The SBU could have verified it.

So-called political scientists and some media started spreading similar baloney in the media space. The publications keep repeating the allegations spread in advertorials for several years. The Fund and the Group are allegedly owned by Pavlo Fuks or Vitaliy Khomutynnik. It seems high time for clients and their contractors to settle the issue of who owns what.

We officially state that neither Pavlo Fuks nor Vitaliy Khomutynnik are or have been founders or beneficiaries (including through other persons) or minority shareholders of Investohills Helianthus International Investment Fund and Investohills Group. Everything else is lunatic ramblings of copywriters spiced up with oligarch money.

Security Service officers and self-proclaimed analysis deliberately ignore information from official sources and many respected media about the actual reasons for AvtoKRAZ’s failure to perform the defense contracts after being forced into bankruptcy by Zhevago.

The real reason for intensifying advertorials aimed against Investohills is that the Fund and the Group have been working on gradually recovering assets (pledged property) of the failed banks stolen by their former owners. Such banks include Finance and Credit Banking Corporation and the Ukrainian Professional Bank (also known as “Ukrprofbank” and “UPB”). The NBU recognized Finance and Credit Banking Corporation to be under control by Zhevago and UPB by Anatolii Yurkevych.

Investohills Helianthus International Investment Fund operating in the interests of its American and European investors, sent an open letter to the Office of the President of Ukraine, embassies of the USA and Italy, and the European Business Association.

Background information:

Investohills Group of Companies is one of the largest players in the non-performing loans (NPL) market. In late 2021, Investohills Helianthus, a corporate venture investment fund, bought a portfolio of corporate NPLs from the Group. The portfolio of the Ukrainian assets bought from Investohills costs now UAH 30 billion. In Ukraine, they are managed on a day-to-day basis by the Group.