“Investohills’ Plans for the Post-war Time Include Consultancy in the Field of Collecting Damages from the Russian Federation,” Andrii Volkov

Investohills’ post-war plans include consultancy in collecting damages from the russian federation. Andrii Volkov, Investohills’ founder and managing partner, spoke about these plans in his interview with Delo.

According to him, there are many cases like this in the world. There are precedents even in Ukraine—in connection with Russia’s 2014 assault.

“For instance, Oschadbank won a case against Russia for the compensation for their losses caused by the occupation of Crimea and Luhansk. They claimed an amount close to USD 1 billion,” Andrii Volkov reminded the journalists.

The financier is certain that there will be more cases of this kind after Ukraine wins the war because there are many more losses caused by the destruction. There are also many more people who can submit such claims, from people who lost their homes to large companies and the state of Ukraine. Furthermore, much more international attention will be paid to such cases.

“Most probably, a special court or tribunal will be established to deal solely with this issue,” Andrii Volkov assumes.

According to him, many Russian assets were garnished abroad, and it will become a good incentive to sue. As a result, he expects keen competition among those who will deal with those claims.

“Our ability to consult both businesses and affected individuals will be an asset. Today, we discuss potential steps with our foreign partners to see what we can do without waiting for the victory,” the financier said.

He also added that because Investohills Group is active in the fields of law and finance, it has access to specialized investment funds that invest in legal expenses.

“Let us assume you had a factory, and it was destroyed during the war. You want to claim compensation. In this case, it may be too expensive for the affected person to bring a suit abroad. Such funds address this issue, and we have access to partners like this,” the businessman explains, “One needs to remember that a state is a very unwieldy mechanism, and it may be too difficult to tread this path alone. Thus, our role will be to help with that as much as possible.”