Investohills Support Center in Zaporizhia Hosted a Culinary Festival on the Occasion of the International Day of Families

The whole world celebrates the International Day of Families on May 15. On the eve of this event, internally displaced persons who had to flee their homes decided to organize a culinary festival in one of Zaporizhia’s Support Centers. MTM, the municipal TV channel, reports about the event.

Liudmyla came to Zaporizhia with her family from Dniprorudny, a temporarily occupied city. She said she had to leave everything behind because she could not stay there anymore.

She usually spends the International Day of Families with her family. Unfortunately, they celebrate it far from home for the first time this year. But they decided to celebrate it anyway. They baked cakes together with other IDP families and specialists of the Social Services Center.

“For me, it is an occasion to show that I care,” Uliana, an employee at the Social Services Center, shares her thoughts, “I want them to forget about the events they witnessed for a moment, forget about their worries, troubles, and just speak to each other cozily while baking.”
The Center has provided comfortable shelter for the forcibly displaced persons and works on making sure to provide people with what they need.

“Our shareholders, Andrii Volkov and Mykhailo Bakumenko, decided to set up a Support Center for refugees on the basis of the office space; we help people fleeing from the occupied territories and areas affected by active fighting. We are sheltering about 78 people—children, adults, and the elderly. Some people need external assistance because they are hardly mobile. We helped everyone and provided everyone with the necessary supplies,” Mykola Horodenskyi, Head of Investohills Support Center, says.

After 20 to 25 minutes, the cakes are ready. Children help decorate the cakes, glazing them and sprinkling them with multi-colored topping. Children fancy the cakes.