Investohills Support Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense Force, and Civilians Non-Stop

From the first day of the war, all businesses of Ukraine support our army, territorial defense, and self-defense forces. Thousands of companies in Ukraine and abroad do their best to support our country in need. Businesses support our warriors and motherland with all their efforts and money.

Investohills also promptly organized support for the army and civilians in any possible way from the first hours of the war.

Andrii Volkov and Mykhailo Bakunenko, shareholders of the Group’s financial companies, all employees participate in funding the procurement of military machinery, equipment, accessories, medicines, etc.

By now, Investohills Group funded and handed over the following to Ukraine’s Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Force:
1. UAH 10 million from investors of Investohills Group and Helios company to Ukraine’s Armed Forces fundraising account;
2. UAH 117,600 from investors to buy a  Niva car for the headquarters of the artillery brigade in Sumy;
3. UAH 580,000 from Mykhailo Bakunenko, a shareholder of Investohills Group, UAH 150,000 from the family of Yevheniia Stryzhko, director of Investohills Vesta Financial Company, and UAH 55,000 from employees to purchase medicines for Ukraine’s Armed Forces and deliver them from Moldova;
4. Mykhailo Bakunenko also transferred UAH 7.4 million to Ukraine’s Armed Forces Account from his own company;
5. 500,000 from Andrii Volkov, founder and managing director of Investohills Group, for the procurement of two UAV drones for Kyiv’s Territorial Defense Force and their delivery from Poland;
6. UAH 305,000 for the purchase of 58 armor vests;
7. Andrii Volkov transferred UAH 200,000 for catering for the Presidential Office guards and the Territorial Defense Force, UAH 100,000 to provide humanitarian aid for IDPs, and UAH 6,000 to buy 1,000 debris sacks to set up barricades for the Territorial Defense Force in Holosiyivskyi Raion.

Other employees also donate regularly to Ukraine’s Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Force in various cities of Ukraine.

The company’s entire team has mobilized to the maximum extent and is doing its best to help Ukraine fight the enemy. We will prevail because we rely on unity, mutual help, and love of OUR OWN country, where we want to keep working, living, and bringing up our children. Glory to Ukraine!