Magazine “TOP-100. Ratings of the largest” named “Investohills” the leader of the problem debt market in Ukraine

The award ceremony of the best players of the financial market of Ukraine according to the magazine “TOP-100. Ratings of the largest”.

During the awards ceremony, companies and their managers who set the pace in their niches were recognized. “Investohills” financial group is recognized as the largest player in the problem debt market, and its head Andriy Volkov is named one of the leading financiers in Ukraine.Investohills

“Our team is very grateful for such a high rating given to us by the business community, experts and the editorial board of the TOP 100. We are making every effort to structure the distressed asset market in Ukraine. By our example, we show that debt collection exclusively in the legal field is a reality. Investohills will continue to do everything in the future to ensure that our country has a civilized market of distressed assets with professional participants and healthy competition,” Andriy Volkov commented on the results of the award ceremony.

The nominees were evaluated by an expert jury consisting of representatives of international companies specializing in the search and evaluation of senior managers, recruiting and consulting companies (60%) and the editorial board (40%).

“This issue of our magazine, whose heroes are the best financiers of the country, is one of the key issues of the year. In it, we have collected the best cases not only from corporate financiers, but also from players in the banking, insurance and other markets. Their experience is invaluable, especially in times of crisis. Those whom we honored at the awards are responsible for the main criterion of a successful business — its profitability,” says the editor-in-chief of the magazine “TOP-100. Ratings of the largest” Maxim Birovash.

At the award ceremony, the director of the financial company Investohills Vesta – Evgenia Linevich – accepts the award from the “Investohills Partners” group of companies.