Mass Media Experts Doubt Espreso’s Info On Hostile Takeover Attack On Bila Tserkva CHPP

Experts of the Institute of Mass Information have declared doubtful and unreliable the article entitled Bila Tserkva CHPP Under Hostile Takeover Attacks By Investohills Vesta published on the Espreso’s website on December 22.

In particular, that follows from a report entitled Report on Monitoring of Adherence to Professional Journalist Standards in Online Media. 4th Monitoring Wave in 2021 posted by the Institute of Mass Information.

The experts note that over posting such unreliable materials, the Espreso website has dropped two places on mass media rating list over the previous period.

“As against the previous monitoring data, it has worsened its indicators by 4%,” says the report.

It is worth mentioning that the Investohills Vesta Financial Company, mentioned in the publication, has addressed the Espreso editorial office’s website with a lawyer’s request right after the publication of the news story.

The request also notes that the information posted on the website “is false and discredits business reputation of the Investohills Vesta LLC.”

We’d like to note that the Investohills Vesta LLC has not filed an appeal to the Economic Court of Kyiv Region mentioned in the article, is not a shareholder of the Bila Tserkva Combined Heat Power Plant JSC, and respectively, is not a participant in the events and court hearings mentioned in the news story. Therefore, the information in the Article does not contain any well-informed sources and violates lawful rights and interests of the financial company.

Taking the aforementioned into account, the company has asked Espreso to provide the source of the information covered in the article entitled Bila Tserkva CHPP Under Hostile Takeover Attacks By Investohills Vesta. However, the media company denied the Investohills Vesta’s request. Currently, the company is preparing to rebut the information covered in the Espreso’s material and will demand posting such a refutation on its website.