Over 8 Months in Operation, Investohills Shelter in Zaporizhia Provided Accommodation for about 620 IDPs

Over the eight months of having been in operation, Investohills’ Shelter for internally displaced persons accommodated 620 IDPs, including 140 children. Mykola Horodenskyi, Manager of Investohills Shelter, disclosed this fact.

“Over this period, we’ve done a lot of good; media are writing about us; local authorities know about us; IDPs recommend us; we are assisted by volunteers, charity foundations, and even neighbors!” he said.

According to him, Investohills Group, the Shelter’s founders, converted the building within a short time frame and beautified the land plot. Moreover, the Shelter is constantly improving, with people coming up with new ideas to make the IDPs’ stay here genuinely comfortable.

“Professional psychologists, artists, and choreographers work with children who are staying with us. We often have interesting guests who bring gifts for children or organize events for them… The police, emergency service officers, medical doctors, dog experts, animators, actors from the regional philharmonic society, magicians, prominent sportsmen, foreign journalists, and many others came to us with visits over this relatively short time interval,” Horodenskyi takes a legitimate pride.

He also stated that the Shelter’s bomb shelter had recently been renovated, and gym wall bars and trampoline given by volunteers had been installed there.

“The children’s safety is a priority for us,” Mykola emphasized.