TEMP-3000, Body Armor Manufacturer, Thanked Investohills for Help with Relocating Its Production Facilities

TEMP-3000, a Ukrainian body armor manufacturer, thanked employees of Investohills Group and Andrii Volkov, the Group’s founder and managing partner, for important assistance with relocating the company to Ukraine’s west.

TEMP-3000 has been the principal supplier of body armor for Ukraine’s uniformed agencies since 2004.

Investohills helped the manufacturer at the right moment when it had become impossible to operate under bombs and shells between Bucha and Vorzel, where the production facilities had been located.

“Thanks to the coordinated work of your lawyers and your financial support, we managed to relocate our production facilities rapidly and launch the body armor production in Ukraine’s west on a mass scale,” TEMP-3000 write in their letter of gratitude.

According to TEMP-3000, the company makes over 20,000 armor vests per month now.