The court recognized the debt of Prosco Resources to Investohills Helianthus for UAH 472 million

On October 5, 2021, the Economic Court of the Dnipropetrovsk region in the framework of Case No. 904/4262/17 on the bankruptcy of Prosko Resources LLC granted the application of JSC Closed non-diversified venture corporate investment fund Investohills Helianthus and recognized this investment fund as the legal successor of VTB Bank’s claim rights to Prosko Resources LLC in the amount of UAH 472.2 million (including UAH 424.3 million – claims of the fourth stage; UAH 47.9 million – requirements of the sixth stage).

Іn the summer of 2021 Investohills Helianthus bought the rights of VTB Bank’s claim against Prosko Resources LLC from the DGF under a number of loan agreements.

Alfa-Bank, Credit Dnepr, Menticto Holdings Limited, Dalkbey Holdings Limited, GIS Company Ltd and others also filed creditor claims against Prosko Resources LLC.

In the state register, one of the founders of Prosko Resources LLC is Yumin Group LLC, and Evgeny Kossov is listed as the beneficiary.