The Kyiv Economic Court recognized the debt of Neftekhimimpex to Investohills for UAH 385 million

On 15.12.2021, the Kyiv Economic Court, in the framework of Case No. 910/3559/21 on the bankruptcy of Neftekhimimpex LLC, recognized the claims of a number of creditors, including the claims of

– Investohills Vesta Financial Company LLC for UAH 385.2 million (including UAH 385.1 million – fourth stage);

– Optima factoring LLC – by UAH 47.5 million (including UAH 38.1 million – fourth stage; UAH 9.3 million-sixth stage) and UAH 56.4 million (as secured).

At the same time, the court refused to recognize the monetary claims of a number of structures that, like “Neftekhimimpex” LLC, are directly or indirectly related to Konstantin Zhevago. We are talking about LLC “Industrial Construction”, LLC “Gas Turbine Technologies”, LLC “Ferrexpo”, PJSC “Avtokraz”, PJSC “Joint-Stock insurance company “Omega”. However, the court recognized the claims of Zhevago’s PRJSC “Rosava” for UAH 1.15 million and PRJSC “Salyut hotel” for UAH 18.9 thousand.

According to court materials, “Investohills Vesta” financial company acquired the rights of claim against “Neftekhimimpex” (as a guarantor of “Atol” Research and Production Enterprise” LLC), buying them out of the DGF (the primary lender was the bankrupt Finance and Credit Bank, which belonged to K. Zhevago).

Optima factoring acquired the rights of claim against “Neftekhimimpex” (as a property guarantor of “Perth” LLC, also a borrower of “Finance and Credit” bank), buying them out from “Amber” financial company, which in turn acquired the corresponding asset from the DGF.