The Supreme Court recognized the debt of Neftekhimimpex company to Investohills for UAN 197 million

28.10.2021 the Supreme Court refused to satisfy the cassation appeal of LLC “Khimreaktiv” and upheld the decision of the Northern Economic Court of appeal of 24.06.2021 and the decision of the Economic Court of Kyiv of 07.04.2021, which in the framework of Case No. 910/3559/21 on the bankruptcy of LLC “Neftekhimimpex” recognized the creditors ‘ claims of LLC “Financial Company “Investohills Vesta” in the amount of UAH 197 million.

According to court materials, “Investohills Vesta” Financial Company LLC bought out the debt of “Neftekhimimpex” LLC to the bankrupt “Finance and Credit” bank (owned by Konstantin Zhevago) from the DGF.

According to the NBU, “Neftekhimimpex” LLC (as, by the way, “Khimreactiv” LLC) appeared in the ownership structure of “Finance and Credit” Bank as one of the shareholders of “KYIVMEDPREPARAT” PJSC (again named after Zhevago).

We add that in 2016-2019, “Oschadbank” sued shares of PJSC “Poltava Automobile Aggregate Plant”, PJSC “Tokmak Forging and Stamping Plant”, PJSC “Kherson Cardan Shaft Plant”, PJSC “Simferopol Automobile Plant”, PJSC “Kamianets-Podilskavtoagregat”, which belonged to LLC “Neftekhimimpex” and a number of other structures close to Zhevago to repay the debt of zhevagovsky “Avtokraz” for 899 million.

On 28.07.2021, the Kyiv Economic Court in the framework of Case No. 917/814/16 on the bankruptcy of PJSC “Avtokraz” granted the application of FC “Investohills Vest”a LLC and recognized this financial company as the legal successor of “Finance and Credit” Bank in terms of claims against PJSC “Avtokraz” as the mortgagor of PJSC “Tokmak Forging and Stamping Plant” under loan agreements for UAH 439.6 million.

“Investohills Vesta” FC acquired the rights of credit claim by acquiring a pool of assets of three bankrupt banks, including “Finance and Credit” bank, from the DGF in November 2019.

The liquidator of the bank “Finance and Credit” announced claims to PJSC “Avtokraz” for UAH 5.13 billion. Some of them are the debts of PJSC “Tokmak Forging and Stamping Plant” assigned to “Investohills Vesta”, the pledgor for which was PJSC “Avtokraz”.

In the state register, the beneficiary of the above-mentioned “Neftekhimimpex” LLC is R. J. Smith. Darst (USA).

As reported, the beneficiaries of “Investohills Vesta” are Andriy Volkov (former head of Alfa-Bank) and Mykhailo Bakunenko (worked at Goldman Sachs, Renaissance Capital).