“Investohills Partners” has obtained through the Cyprus court the freezing of the assets of “Balaklava ore management named after A.M. Gorky”

The Cyprus District Court of Nicosia on the claim of the Financial Company “Investohills Vesta” banned any transactions with assets or property “A.M. Gorky Balaklava ore Management”, the beneficiary of which is Ashot Malkhasyan, a businessman from St. Petersburg, the brother of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Vadim Vladislavovich Novinsky.

Recall that in 2014, when the Russian Federation occupied the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Vadim Novinsky sold the shares of “Kagerol Holdings Limited”, which owns the PJSC “Balaklava ore management named after A.M. Gorky”, to his brother Ashot Malkhasyan.

In February 2019, Investohills Vesta acquired the pool of assets of “Forum Bank”, including the debts of the enterprises of the former shareholder of the bank Vadim Novinsky.

The debt of the “Balaklava ore management named after A.M. Gorky” is more than 16 million US dollars. The debtor and its officials have recognized the occupation authorities of the Russian Federation and continue to work and pay taxes in favor of the authorities of the Russian Federation. All production property was re-registered to the enterprise created according to the Russian legislation, as evidenced by the statutory documents and reports. At the moment, the “Balaklava ore management” company can be called a very successful enterprise, which brings tens of millions of dollars in profit per year.

“Investohills Partners” continues to conduct the recovery process in accordance with the developed legal strategy and plans to reach a debt settlement in the near future.