“Investohills Partners” has settled 100% of debtors belonging to the “Solar” Group of companies

On 29.03.2021, “Investohills Partners” settled the debt of “Lambda Solar”.

Recall: “Lambda Solar” on 26.09.2013 signed a Loan agreement No. 0926/01 with PJSC “KB Active Bank” in the amount of 10,700,000. 00 euros. Only the property rights for the supply of solar panels, inverters from AST “Active Solar Trading LTD”, as well as the pledge of the rights to the deposit, were pledged.

Subsequently, the pledge of the rights of claims on deposits, concluded with LLC “Franco Peavy”, was terminated by the bank.

At the end of 2018, according to the results of the public auction, “Investohills Vesta” FC purchased the pool of assets of the liquidated Bank of PJSC “KB Active Bank”, which included the rights of claim for the “Solar” Group. In particular, the rights of claim on the debt of “Voskhod Solar” LLC (settled in 2019) and “Lambda Solar” LLC (located in the ARC) were purchased for a total debt of more than UAH 1.4 billion in equivalent.

In 2020, FC “Investohills Vesta” initiated legal proceedings, as a result of which the parties reached an agreement to settle the debt.

Thanks to the perseverance and the position worked out by the lawyers, FC “Investohills Partners” has managed to settle 100% of the debtors of the “Solar” Group.