The State Executive Service described the personal property of ex-Deputy Minister of Information Policy Tetyana Popova in her country house and apartment

The State Executive Service has opened enforcement proceedings against the former Deputy Minister of Information Policy Tetyana Popova, who has been avoiding repayment of a loan (more than $ 6 million) to Raiffeisen Bank Aval for quite a long time with the help of various sophisticated methods. They issued a loan with their father Valery Popov in 2007.

As part of this enforcement proceeding, on February 4 of this year, enforcement actions were carried out at the address of registration in Kyiv and the address of actual residence of Tetyana Popova in the Kyiv region. Namely, furniture,

plumbing, household appliances, decorative interior items were described. Everything happened in the presence of lawyers, witnesses and police officers.

Recall that a high-ranking official several times tried unsuccessfully to leave Ukraine. At the same time, a case was opened against her on the claim of Raiffeisen Bank Aval (as a guarantor of Zahidbudinvest Company Consulting LLC on the loan) for the recovery of $ 6 million.

Since 23.11.2016, this court decision is being executed in the Department of Enforcement of Decisions of the GIS Department. As part of this enforcement proceedings, the court found that Popova T. V. evades the execution of the court’s decision, and it was for these reasons that it banned her from traveling abroad until the execution of the court’s decision.

Now the described property will be evaluated and put up for auction through SE “Setam”, and the money received as a result of the sale of the specified property will be used to repay any part of the multimillion-dollar debts of the Popovs.